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Dog Day Care

Need a Housesitter Who’ll Look After Your Dog While You’re Away?


Want to Be a Housesitter and Look After Other People’s Pets?


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One thing that’s always concerned me about going away on holidays is having to put my dogs in a boarding kennel.  They hate it.

Fortunately, I’ve had a wonderful neighbour who (for a small fee) has looked after my house, plants, and most importantly, my dogs, for several years, whenever I go away.  It’s taken a load off my mind having someone who loves my dogs who will take them for walks and come in and feed them twice a day and make sure they’re okay.  (It’s called dog day care, or perhaps dog vacation care would be a more precise description).

But it wasn’t always the way.  I tried three different boarding kennels.  The first one was great, but by the following year, it had changed hands.  The new owners were awful.  And the next two I tried were unfortunately no better.  My dogs lost weight, and on one occasion they had attacked each other (which they’ve never ever done before or since in 9 years of living together).  Clearly, on that occasion, they had been kept locked up in a tiny run for days at a time.  With the other 2 kennels, perhaps they’d been properly looked after, but just pined for me terribly so didn’t eat.

Boarding kennels usually state that they let the dogs run out in large grassed areas for an hour a day, and probably most of them do this.  But whether or not this happens, perhaps your dog (like mine) just doesn’t like to be away from home as well as being away from you.  So a dog day care service may well be the answer for you, and your dog.


If you don’t have a friendly neighbour who’s a dog lover, and you don’t want to leave your dog in a boarding kennel, there is an alternative dog day care arrangement – a housesitter!  So as well as looking after your pets, you also have peace of mind that your empty house is not going to be broken into while you’re away.

And there’s a worldwide service for this! 

Or if you’re interested in being a housesitter for other people and their pets, you can sign up as a housesitter and people in Your area will contact You!

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Housesitting is a win for the home owner and the housesitter.



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And if you don’t like the thought of someone living in your house, or if you just need something much more short term (maybe for the odd weekend away) there’s also a petsitting worldwide service as well.  With this, you can have a dog lover come in and feed and walk your dog, much the same as my neighbour has done for me.

Of course, if you’re interested in looking after someone else’s dog in this way, you can sign up for this service and people in Your area needing their dogs looked after will contact You!

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