Senior Dog Health

Senior Dog Health

Older dog health is something with which any dog owner should be concerned, particularly if you have an older dog yourself.

Senior dog health is an especial concern of mine, since my two dogs both fall into the category of older dogs.  Kara, my Rottweiler, and Jet, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, are both 9 years old.

The older dog has slightly different dietary requirements to a younger, more active dog.  They require less fat and protein since they don’t generally expend as much energy as they did when they were younger.

I know my dogs used to spend far more time chasing each other and playing around than they do now.  Now they tend to spend at least 80% of their “waking” hours snoozing!  

Compare puppies and young dogs to their older counterparts in the park.  Generally it’s the younger ones which are tearing around, bounding up and down the park, wearing their owners out, whereas you can pick the dogs over about 6 years old on average (depending upon the breed and the particular dog).  They’re the ones walking much more sedately, and who’re quite happy to take a break and just enjoy the sunshine while their owner takes time out to sit and relax.

There are also specific health concerns which are more prevalent as your dog grows older – in particular arthritis and heart disease.

Such health concerns can be reduced or even prevented with early preventive treatment, but unfortunately most of us don’t give these serious health issues a second thought until after the first early warning signs have presented.

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