Canine Congestive Heart Failure – Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs and How to Treat it Naturally

Congestive Heart Failure

For most of us, our dogs are our prized possessions, although possessions is obviously the wrong word.  They are not so much animals as part of the family.  As such, it comes as a blow when we learn about serious ailments that our pets may suffer from. One of these potentially fatal conditions is congestive heart failure in dogs.

What is canine congestive heart failure? This condition are caused by a deformity in the dog’s heart chamber walls. If the walls are congealed, there is a decreased capacity to pump blood; therefore restricting the natural blood flow to the rest of the organs. In addition, distended chamber walls diminish the efficacy of the heart to pump enough blood.

Fortunately, because of continued studies on this matter, there are natural healing for dog with congestive heart failure cures that we can use to help our pets.

Similar to their human counterpart, a good way to improve the canine’s heart and circulatory system is through regular exercise. You can have a consistent weekly routine of running around the park, playing catch or even a daily routine of walking and general recreational activities. Not only will these physical pastimes be great bonding moments with your pet, they promote he is easily tired, check with your vet immediately.

A good diet is also key in preventing congestive heart failure in dogs. Fresh food is better than the processed commercial food that contains chemicals that may be harmful to the dog’s system. A diet low in sodium and high in beneficial nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin E, Taurine, L-carnitine and Omega-3 fatty acid should be served. Mix generous servings of vegetables like yams, squash, beets, broccoli, carrots and cucumber to his daily fare of meat, and you can add a small amount of grains.

Natural healing for dog with congestive heart failure supplements are also available for you to administer to your pet. Crateagus oxycantha and Hawthorne herb strengthens the arterial walls; Calcium fluoride, Kalium phosphate and Arnica Montana promotes excellent blood pressure, which translates to good cardiovascular health.

Before you proceed with such treatments however, be sure to consult with your veterinarian first. Sometimes if the canine is already suffering from certain conditions conventional drugs may be required, depending on the dog’s specifics and stage of the ailment. However, the natural supplements can usually be used with the conventional drugs and maCongestive Heart Failure1y assist in reducing the need for them in the longer term.

For canine congestive heart conditions, symptoms include drooling, difficulty in breathing, and easily fatigued, bluish tongue with an ashen hue around the mouth.

Ultrasound and chest X-rays will help correctly diagnose the condition.  It is critical that the right prognosis be ascertained because prescribing the wrong treatment can cause serious damage to the canine’s system, even death. Verify the prognosis and take the required actions to combat the disease.

As much as you can, use natural remedies first. However, there are medications that you can use in case the condition is in the more progressive stages already. Have regular check-ups to the vet to make sure you arrest whatever problems before they escalate further.

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