Homemade Dog Food

by Geraldine DiMarco

Good quality dog food helps your dog grow and develop properly. Dog foods of varying quality can be found in pet shops, with the cheaper brands also available in your local supermarket.

Homemade dog food is available in addition to the frozen, dehydrated and fresh found in retail stores.

Originally, devoted owners prepared healthy homemade dog food and treats for their canine friends. The ingredients included pureed vegetables, raw meats, bones that were either dried or ground, as well as nutritional supplements, minerals and vitamins.

So why do we no longer do this?  Well, the answer is – we probably should, but we have come to rely on commercial pet food and we have come to believe the rubbish these commercial pet food manufacturers peddle about their food being nutritious when usually that is far from the case.

Your dog’s food can be made at home, and despite what you may think, it is not too hard to do this. Dogs invariably love fresh food that is prepared in your kitchen, and this food is much more healthy than the kind of food you purchase at the store.

It is possible to make your own natural dog food recipes as long as you are careful, and you’ll feel better a sense of achievement, knowing you prepared your dog’s meal on your own. At first, it might be necessary to take some time figuring out your dog’s preferences, but once you determine this, you’ll be able to create fresh homemade dog food, and at the same time you’ll be ensuring that your dog has the benefit of completely naturally prepared food.

Making your own dog food is more cost effective for you in the long run as well as being great for the wellbeing of your dog. For more convenience you can start with the basic foods that dogs prefer, being meat or chicken, beef or lamb.

Making your own pet food will also help you save even more money over the long term, as your dog will be healthier, and likely to require less veterinary care over the years.

While preparing healthy homemade dog food and treats at home you can give your dog variety and change from time to time if you wish, although this is not essential providing the meals you make are well balanced nutritionally.

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