Preparing Your Dog for Your New Baby

If your dog is essentially the “only child” in the family, meaning that you do not have any kids, then having a newborn baby come home is a bit threatening to your pet. Most dog owners are conscious of this and educate themselves on how to prepare their dog for the new family member, but others have no idea.
This article will provide you a few basic tips in case you are soon to be in this situation with your dog and a newborn baby on the way.
1. Your newborn baby is very susceptible to germs so it is vital that your dog is in good health and free from parasites. Take care of this by having your dog checked by a veterinarian and treated for any problems long before your baby arrives.

2. As common sense as this may be, many dog owners overlook it, but please make sure that your dog has been properly trained in obedience. The animal must be in complete control at all times around the baby. If there is any reason that you feel the dog is not adequately trained then your first priority should be getting him to an obedience class to help teach both you and the dog for the upcoming baby scenario.
3. Allow your pet dog to explore and sniff around the new baby’s room, it’s belongings, and the other colorful and new items in the house. These sudden physical changes can be very upsetting for your dog so this is a way of allowing him to get to used to the additions to the atmosphere.

4. The dog should also have someone scheduled to watch over him ahead of time before the actual birth of the baby. When Mommy goes into labor and begins the process of having a baby, it could be quite some time before she is back home from the hospital stay. You do not want the dog to be deserted or feeling like it has been forgotten. By preparing ahead of time for someone to come see the dog then you will prevent him from tearing up your favorite pillows in frustration of being left alone.

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