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Articles by Brigitte Smith:

The Dog Who Hates Taking Tablets! by Brigitte Smith

The Importance of a Good Dog Shampoo by Brigitte Smith

Training Your Dog Effectively by Brigitte Smith

Supplementing Your Dog’s Health


– Vitamins Can Solve Many Problems and May Even Lengthen Your Dog’s Life Span! by Brigitte Smith

Effectively Communicating With Your Dog by Brigitte Smith

Commercial Pet Food For Your Dog? by Brigitte Smith

Your Dog’s Health May Be At Risk! by Brigitte Smith

Vitamins for Pets – How Essential Are They? by Brigitte Smith

Rimadyl the Wonder Drug – Or Is It? If Your Dog Suffers From Arthritis, Consider The Natural Alternative … by Brigitte Smith

Are All Vaccinations Essential? by Brigitte Smith

Bailey’s Story by Brigitte Smith

Improve Your Dog’s Health With a Natural Diet by Brigitte Smith

Identifying and Treating Health Problems in Your Dog by Brigitte Smith

How to Deal With Anxiety in Your Dog by Brigitte Smith

Pet Vaccinations Are Big Business by Brigitte Smith

Are Children And Dogs A Good Combination? by Brigitte Smith

Don’t Like Trimming Your Dog’s Nails? You’re Not Alone … published by Brigitte Smith

Dogs for People With Disabilities by Brigitte Smith

Adopting A Shelter Dog by Brigitte Smith

Dog Allergies Are Common by Brigitte Smith

Canine Distemper Virus by Brigitte Smith

Caring For and Raising New Born Puppies by Brigitte Smith

Hunting Dogs – Choosing a Good Hunting Dog by Brigitte Smith

Premium Dog Food – What Should You Feed Your Dog? by Brigitte Smith

Clicker Training for Dogs – How Does It Work? by Brigitte Smith

CPR For Pets by Brigitte Smith

Choosing a Puppy

– The Importance of Finding a Responsible Breeder by Brigitte Smith

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth by Brigitte Smith

The ONLY Valid Reason for Having a Dog by Brigitte Smith

Why Train Your Dog? by Brigitte Smith

Dog Training Basics – Common Commands by Brigitte Smith

Reinforcing the Dog – Owner Relationship by Brigitte Smith

Choke Collar Training by Brigitte Smith

Dog Training With a Halti or General Leader Collar by Brigitte Smith

Reward Train Your Dog by Brigitte Smith

How to Effectively House Train Your Dog by Brigitte Smith

Puppy Training and Puppy Play – The Importance of Socialization by Brigitte Smith

Nutritional Content of Commercial Dog Foods by Brigitte Smith

Annual Vaccinations for Pets are Doing More Harm Than Good by Brigitte Smith

Dangers of Steroids for Dogs – and the Importance of Correct Diagnosis for Your Dog by Brigitte Smith

Natural Heartworm Prevention or Ivermectin? by Brigitte Smith

Phenomenal Healing With Arnica by Brigitte Smith

Advantages of Homemade Dog Food by Brigitte Smith

Common Dog Health Problems by Brigitte Smith

Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs by Brigitte Smith

Treatment for Dog Joint Pain by Brigitte Smith

Gourmet Dog Treats by Brigitte Smith

Why a Dog Has Bad Breath After Running by Brigitte Smith

Effective Dog Pain Relievers by Brigitte Smith

Dog Diabetes by Brigitte Smith

Pet Diabetes Supplements by Brigitte Smith

Diabetic Dog Food by Brigitte Smith

Dog Health Book Review


Articles by Others:

I Am Your Puppy by J. Ellis – Southern Shadows Rottweilers

The Ten Things Your Dog Wants You to Know by Danielle Hollister

Dogs May Be More Intelligent Than People May Think


How to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated by Adam Katz

How to Make Your Pets Healthier and Happier by Robin Mastro

Vaccinations in Veterinary Medicine: Dogs and Cats by Don Hamilton, DVM

Most Dogs Do Well on Rimadyl, Except the Ones That Die


ProBiotics – The Good Bacteria by Deena Caruso

Natural Approaches to Dealing With Pesky Fleas by Deena Caruso

Seizures in Pets by Deena Caruso

Brushing Up on Dog Grooming by Margaret Svete, PhD.

Why Does My Pet Eat Grass? by Deena Caruso

Pet Ear Infections by Deena Caruso

Frustrated Over High Veterinarian Bills? by Kim Bloomer

Tired of Vet Bills? by Deena Caruso

Tips for Toys by Margaret Svete, PhD.

Alternative Remedies / Bach Flower Remedies by David the Dogman

Aromatherapy for Animals by Françoise Rapp

Iams Scandal – exposed by PETA

Dogs and Kids Safety Tip Sheet by Sheila Blythe-Saucier

Before You Buy a Dog by David the Dogman

17 Tips That’ll Safeguard You and Your Family From Dog Bites or Attack by Robin Shortt

Dog Worms – Don’t Let Them Get Started by Charles Burke

Weaning Puppies is Only Natural by Charles Burke

Canine Hip Dysplasia by Rod Swerdfiger

Characteristics of the Rottweiler by Rachael Stacknick



Fatty Acids – A Panacea or Pandora’s Box?

Canine Hip Dysplasia by Adam Katz

Dog Aggression by The Humane Society of the United States


How to Defend Yourself Against a Dog Attack by Adam Katz

Newfoundland Dog Owner’s Guide


Solving Boredom by Dr Cam Day

Chewing and Biting by Karen Peak

Exercise Your Dog by Pat Scott

Are Antibiotics Making Your Dog Sick? extracts by Richard J. Holliday, DVM, Morton Walker, DPM, and Marina Zacharias

Resistance to Antibiotics in Dogs by Jesse Dallas, and extract by Richard J. Holliday

Does Your Vet Routinely Prescribe Steroids for Your Dog? – Steroids, the Sleaziest of Drugs from Treat Pet Disease Naturally

Strengthen Your Dog’s Immune System With Transfer Factors from 4Life Research

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Glucosamine The Arthritis and Glucosamine Resource Center


Arthritis in Family Pets: Is Your Beloved Pet Not As Active As Before? by J. R.Rogers

Alleviating Your Pet’s Itchy Skin by Larry Siegler

Veterinarians Debate Whether It’s Safer to Vaccinate Older Pets or Not by Jenette Restivo

The Truth About Pet Vaccinations by Larry Siegler

The Natural Approach to Flea Control by Larry Siegler

What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Food by Larry Siegler

All About Raw Food by Larry Seigler

Dealing With Kidney Failure in Cats and Dogs by Larry Seigler

Children and Toy Dog Breeds by Bill Knell

Shaping a Pup’s Personality by Bill Knell

Can Dogs See Dead People? by Bill Knell

Dogs Are People Too … Almost! by Bill Knell

Pet Home Rescue Lifeline – History by Rosalind Duane

Keeping Fear Out of Animals’ Lives by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson

How to Ease Your Pet’s Arthritis Pain by Antigone Arthur

Transporting Dogs in the Car by Lynn Lott, Jane Nelson and Therry Jay (excerpted from Pup Parenting)

Helicobactor in Dogs by Cindy Jordan

Introducing a New Baby to Your Dog – Bringing Home a New Baby by Yvette Van Veen

Preparing Your Dog for Your New Baby by Jennefer Poultson

How to Select the Best Dog for Children by Shannon Emmanuel

Spaying and Neutering by Karen Peak

Concerns With Relying on Internet Advice by Karen Peak

Making Sure You’re Giving Your Dog Quality Dog Food by Kelly Marshall

Is Your Dog’s Food Responsible for His Behavior? by Kelly Marshall

Mites and Demodectic Mange by Kelly Marshall

Homemade Pet Food Recipes by Geraldine DiMarco

Homemade Cat Food by Geraldine DiMarco

Homemade Dog Food by Geraldine DiMarco

Homemade Pet Food by Melissa Simmonds

Homemade Cat Food Recipe by Melissa Simmonds

How to Make Homemade Dry Dog Food by Melissa Simmonds

Recipes for Homemade Dog Foods by Melissa Simmonds

Common Dog Skin Conditions by Melissa Simmonds

Dog Skin Disorders by Melissa Simmonds

Dog Skin Problems – Solutions by Melissa Simmonds

Human Interest Stories About Dogs

Dog Health in the News


Trimming Dog Nails by Author Magniss

Common Dog Diseases and Symptoms by Geraldine Dimarco

Natural Homemade Dog Treats by Melinda Smith

Dog Treats Recipes by Melinda Smith


Dog Bad Breath – Why Does My Doberman Have Bad Breath?

Small Slow Feed Pet Bowl


Dog Addison Disease

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