What’s REALLY in Your Dog’s Food?

What’s REALLY in Your Dog’s Food?


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Most people are blissfully unaware as to what goes into commercially prepared dog food.  (It’ll shock you).  But your dog’s health is not unaware – your dog’s health WILL suffer if you feed your dog most commercially prepared dog foods.  Dogs fed on commercially prepared dog food tend to suffer from a higher incidence of degenerative-type diseases, and, on the whole, to not live as long as those fed a dog’s natural diet.

Don’t believe me?

An eye-opening article has been prepared by the Animal Protection Institute called “What’s Really in Pet Food”.  If you’ve never read it before, I can guarantee it will put you off feeding your dog supermarket brands of commercial dog food again. 

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Click here to read the article:

Many vets and animal nutritional experts agree that the very best dog food is a mainly raw diet of bones and meat, as well as some veges and maybe some fruit and some whole wheat.  It’s commonly known as the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food), and there are some great books which have been written on this particular natural dog food subject.  For my favorite books on dog nutrition, see the Recommended Resources Page of this site.


This is largely the diet that I’ve fed my dogs, although when they were younger and I didn’t know any better, I used to give them a handful of commercial dry dog food as their breakfast meal, with the mostly raw bones and meat, and I also give them the odd veges and rice, in the evenings with their main meal.  By the way, dogs only need to be fed once per day.  I’ve always fed twice mainly because I love to see their excitement twice a day instead of once.  And it gives them something to do for a few minutes when I leave in the morning – distracts them from the fact that I’m leaving.

Anyway, since discovering wdog foodhat’s contained in the commercial dry food I’d been giving them, I ceased that immediately.  Now I feed only the top premium brands of natural dog foods, which really are premium – not necessarily the ones which say they are.  Some of the best natural dog food brands which I highly recommend, which you can purchase online and have delivered to your door are:

  Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food

Wysong Dog Food

Honest Kitchen healthy dehydrated Dog Food

For more info on these health-laden best dog foods, and to purchase online, click here:

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food

– Wysong Dog Food 

Honest Kitchen dehydrated Dog Food 

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Don’t like the BARF diet because you don’t like giving your dog bones?  You’re not alone.  There are many people who believe that the best dog food is not raw bones, for a number of reasons.  There does seems to be a small risk of splintering, which can cause significant problems.  But many experts continue to advocate raw bones despite the small risk.  My vet is one of those who has always advocated raw bones and I myself continue to feed my dogs raw bones. 

Of course, the best dog food is undoubtedly raw – and even if you’re not keen on the idea of raw bones – raw meat, cartilage and some fat, are indisputably good for your dog – the best dog food for your dog, in fact). 

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