Dog Illness Diagnosis – Quick Reference Guide to Natural Pet Remedies

Dog Illness Diagnosis – Dog Symptoms Diagnosis   No, we are NOT recommending that you attempt a dog illness diagnosis yourself, even if you believe that a dog symptoms diagnosis is possible for your dog.  If your dog is sick, then figuring out sick dog remedies by yourself may not be the most sensible idea. Dog diseases of all types frequently need the specialist attention of your vet. Once you have the dog illness diagnosis from your vet and have discussed the issue with your vet, then by all means, come here and look down the list of dog symptoms and natural pet remedies and see what you can find to help. Or click here for a complete list of natural pet remedies available that may assist in treating your dog’s symptoms. And if you’re wanting to prevent certain illnesses in the first place, then check out the following as well!     Natural Remedies for Your Dog – Quick Alphabetical Reference Guide to What’s Available for Various Dog Health Diagnoses: Alzheimer’s Remedy for your Older Dog:   To boost concentration, memory and mental alertness To improve resistance against premature aging To prevent and treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and memory related conditions in the elderly pet Specially formulated for both dogs and cats Click Here for more information and to order Alzheimer’s Remedy for your older dog   Asthma Remedy for Pets: Reduce the frequency and severity of pet asthma attacks Improve respiratory functioning Reduce allergic reactions in pets Reduce respiratory problems and asthma linked to stress and anxiety Relax bronchioles and prevent bronchospasm Specially formulated for both dogs and cats Click Here for more information and to order Pet Asthma Remedy   Cancer Prevention and Treatment Remedy for Dogs and Cats:   Help in the prevention and treatment of cancer, with demonstrated anti-tumor properties Slow down the spread of cancer cells to surrounding tissue Improve compromised immune systems Accelerate healing and relieve fatigue Strengthen the lymphatic system to improve toxin build-up and promote waste elimination Improve liver functioning for optimum health Specially formulated for both dogs and cats Click Here for more information and to order Cancer Prevention and Treatment Remedy   Constipation Remedy for Your Pets: To treat chronic and acute constipation effectively and naturally To keep your pet regular To maintain bowel and digestive health Regulate thyroid levels and reduce high cholesterol Keep skin and bones healthy and strong Specially formulated for both dogs and cats Click Here for more information and to order Constipation Remedy   Cushings Disease Remedy for Pets:   Support the health of your pet’s adrenal glands and encourage normal functioning Help reduce circulating levels of corticosteroids Encourage health of coat and prevent hair loss Balance blood pressure and blood sugar levels Reduce excessive thirst and urination Promote optimal strength and health of the skin Improve digestive functioning Specially formulated for both dogs and cats Click here for more information and to order Cushings Disease Remedy Diabetes Remedy for Dogs and Cats:   As a regular supplement for pets with Type 1 and Type 11 diabetes To control and balance blood sugar levels and improve insulin production and bio-availability To reduce high cholesterol To boost immune functioning and protect against disease To assist in the treatment of diabetes-related conditions like circulation problems and eye disease To promote wound healing To increase energy levels and reduce fatigue Specially formulated for both dogs and cats Click Here for more information and to order Diabetes Remedy   Digestive Support for Dogs and Cats: Improve digestive functioning Reduce inflammation and excess mucus discharge Relieve and treat the…

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Dog Vitamins – Dogs Need Vitamins Too!

Your Dog Needs Vitamins, Too!   Disease is a process which gradually debilitates the cells of an organism. The organism may be you, or me, or your dog (or mine!) Debilitated cells are unable to rebuild, regenerate and repair damage which inevitably occurs just through the fact of being alive and moving day by day closer to the end of life.   Of course, much greater damage can be caused by poor nutrition or other dietary deficiencies or excesses, environmental poisons, physical and/or emotional stress or insufficient exercise.  In short, anything which pushes the organism past its optimum capacity, or causes it to fall short of its optimum capacity, can and will cause damage and will debilitate the cells. Pet vitamin supplements for your dog work by feeding your dog’s cells in such a way that helps debilitated cells activate their natural regenerative power. When this natural regenerative power is restored your dog’s original vitality returns.  You may notice a marked improvement in your dog’s appearance, and, depending upon your dog’s current age now, your dog may well appear considerably younger than his/her actual age.  Naturally if your dog is still a pup, there’s unlikely to be so much of a noticeable change, but your puppy will surely benefit from lifelong treatment with vitamins and live to a healthy ripe old age.  Wouldn’t that be great? Yes, your dog can certainly benefit from a vitamin supplement. Check out the best one here:  Dog Vitamins! You may have tried one or more pet vitamin supplements already and not seen any real benefits.  The key with vitamin supplements, though, is that they support and encourage a healthy system, so any results you can actually see may be quite gradual. Personally, I’ve seen some very promising results with both of my dogs with these specialized dog vitamins.  I think you might, too! (C) 2004, Brigitte Smith, Healthy Happy Dogs Special Free Report: “How to Improve the Health of Your Dog Within 30 Days – Maybe Even Lengthen Your Dog’s Life!” – and our Healthy Happy Dogs newsletter – subscribe here:  Your Name: Your E-Mail: (Of course, we’ll never use your details for any purpose except sending you your report and newsletter, which may contain third party advertising). Haven’t found what you’re looking for?  Search for it here: Search the…

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Contaminated Pet Foods – Recalled Pet Foods

Pet Food Recalls Here is a list of symptoms suggesting a reaction to the contaminated food: Most pets vomit or become suddenly sick after eating contaminated food, and the reactions are happening quickly. -vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, lethargy -increased or decreased drinking -increased or decreased urinating -mouth pain or mouth ulcers -severe dehydration If your pet has any of these symptoms after eating any of the suspect food, then see your veterinarian immediately. You can report any suspected case to the FDA here: If you believe your pet was affected, find out about whether you may be entitled to compensation here – Wheat Gluten appears to be the source of the toxins.  There has been contamination with melamine – a chemical used in Asian fertilizers and in plastics and laminates. Real premium natural foods do not use wheat gluten, as it is a poor protein source for pets, and poorly digestible. It is used as a filler. Avoid pet food sold in a grocery store – forever.  Do NOT return to the food you were giving your dog if it was on the recalled dog foods list. Why would you want to feed your dog obviously substandard food?  Only companies that don’t care about your dog would use substandard dog food ingredients that have any potential for harm.  Even without the contaminants, these ingredients are of extremely questionable nutritional value. So what can you do?  Well, here are a few suggestions: Make your own food. Add in raw food as a portion of your dog’s diet. Or order premium natural foods such as:   – Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food – Sojos Homemade Dog Food – Honest Kitchen healthy dehydrated Dog Food (Click on any of the above links for more information or to order). Although the official number of pet deaths confirmed by the FDC is 16, it is believed that the count is much, much higher.  A realistic number is probably closer to 4000 deceased pets, and 12000-15000 affected pets. 3,973 pets have been reported as deceased to the PetConnection database. Of these, 2,058 are cats, and 1,815 are dogs. Total reports of all owner-suspected cases of food-related illness: 12,419. There is a very well respected Veterinary Only Website called Veterinary Information Network (VIN). VIN sets a range for probable deaths at 2,000 to 7,000, based on survey of VIN member veterinarians. Belowis a list of currently recalled pet foods (the list should be current as at 11 May 2007): Americas Choice, Preferred Pets Authority Award Best Choice Compliments Big Bet Big Red Bloom Cadillac Companion Del Monte Treats and Snacks Demoulas Market Basket Eukanuba Fine Feline Cat Food Lion Foodtown Giant Companion Great Choice Hannaford Hill Country Fare Hills Pet Nutrition Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry cat food Hy-Vee Iams J E Mondou Laura Lynn Li’l Red Loving Meals Medi Cal Meijers Main Choice Mighty Dog Pouch Mixables Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea dry cat food Nutriplan Nutro Max Nutro Max Gourmet Classics Nutro Natural Choice Nutro Products Nutro Ultra Nutro Ol’Roy Canada Ol’Roy US Paws Pet Essentials Pet Pride – Good n Meaty Presidents Choice Price Chopper Priority Canada Priority US Publix Purina Alpine Prime Cuts in Gravy Roche Brothers Royal Canin – Sensible Choice Royal Canin – Kasco Save-A-Lot Choice Morsels Save-A-Lot Special Blend Schnucks Science Diet Kitten Savory Cuts Ocean Fish Science Diet Feline Adult Savory Cuts Beef, Chicken and Ocean Fish Science Diet Feline Senior Savory Cuts Chicken Shep Dog Sophistacat Special Kitty Canada Special Kitty U.S. Springsfield Prize Sprout Stater Brothers Stop & Shop Companion Tops Companion Wegmans Bruiser Weis Total Pet Western Family US White…

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