Healthy Dog Beds !


Healthy Dog Beds !


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Yes, there certainly is such a thing as a healthy dog bed.  (And an unhealthy one).

Many people purchase cheap items for their dog’s bedding, and it’s not always the best thing to do.  Sure, it may feel thick and comfortable, but have you ever stopped to think about what the bedding is made from?  And whether that’s something suitable for your dog to be lying on and breathing in for many hours every day?

Some synthetic materials give off fumes which can be very harmful to your dog.  The solution? – an organic bed for your dog!


Organic Pet Bed

Treat your best friend right with a 100% certified organic pet bed, a much healthier alternative to synthetic covered, cedar-filled beds.
– Small – $129.99, Large – $179.99, Round with rim – $129.99


and a cool bed for your dog – for ultimate comfort and the coolest, softest spot in the house!


Canine CoolerGive your dog a cushy, cool and dry feeling – and just wipe clean! Small – $ 59.99,  Medium – $ 79.99, Large – $ 119.99



and here’s another organic bed that’s so comfortable, it’s ideal for older dogs and dogs suffering from arthritis – I call it them the arthritis dog beds!  They come in four sizes and are filled, believe it or not, with 100% recycled plastic soda bottles – all ground up.  It may not sound like the ultimate in comfort, but it really is!  (Hint – read the reviews when you click through to the sales page).


Bumper Bed XL Chocolate Bumper Bed

Filled with 100% recycled material scraps, these beds provide instant comfort and style. Machine washable too!
– XS – $ 49.99,  M – $ 79.99,  L – $ 99.99,  XS – $ 129.99




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