Life’s Abundance Treats Which Are Great For Your Dog’s Teeth!

Life’s Abundance Dog Treats Which Are Great For Your Dog’s Teeth!

Sticks, stones and indestructible bones can do a real number on our pets’ mouths. A great alternative for pets is giving them crunchy treats. The act of chewing is very natural and not to mention therapeutic for dogs. It can relieve frustration, anxiety, stress and boredom. Crunchy treats work on different levels. Crunchy treats produce saliva, a natural cleaner of teeth. They have a naturally abrasive action. Life’s Abundance have a variety of treats that are wonderful for the oral health of our dogs. Here, we will highlight three of them.

PorkHide Dog Bones

Dog TreatsDogs can’t resist the rich aroma of our delicious pig snouts. Packed with high-quality protein, Porky Puffs chewable treats are non-greasy and contain no artificial preservatives or flavors. And with no artificial colors, you won’t have to worry about hard-to-remove stains in your carpet!

They are easily digestible and therefore a safe alternative to rawhide, which can cause choking, throat irritations and potentially dangerous intestinal blockages.

Since the digestive system is the first line of immune defense, treating your dog to a Porky Puff won’t put a strain on his or her health, like other highly-processed products on the market today. You’ll feel better providing a treat they’ll love, while helping to maintaining a healthy digestive system. And Porky Puffs are appropriate for dogs of all ages.

Give your sweet pup something to be truly thankful for – yummy Porky Puffs!

Buffalo Treats

Life's Abundance Buffalo Sticks

Made from free-range, grass-fed buffalo, these wholesome dog treats:

  • Help reduce tartar and maintain canine dental health
  • Supply a leaner alternative to beef
  • Are suitable for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Contain no additives or preservatives
  • Provide a rewarding chewing experience

These premium dog chews may be the perfect treat! Try a pack today and you’ll notice a happy dog with a brighter smile!

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