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Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory problem that will have your pet under the weather for several days at a time, but the duration can be as long as six weeks. This illness, which can be quite distressing for your dog, is caused by a virus.

Generally speaking when animals are in close quarters and one has it, then many of the others will come down with the symptoms as well, because this is so easily communicable.

Animals can contract Kennel Cough in public places such as the doggie day care, dog parks, puppy mills, grooming salon, boarding facilities, and catteries etc.

Problem is, as with most viruses, there will probably be no clue that anything is amiss until your pet becomes sick since you can’t see the virus with the naked eye; and with the incubation period being anywhere from two days up two weeks, it may be very hard re-tracing your foot steps to work out just where your cat or dog may have got the virus.

The Kennel Cough symptoms that you should look for are as follows:

* A dry, constant hacking cough, which sounds a bit like something is caught in your dog’s throat
* Gagging or vomiting after any excitement or even after light physical activities
* Gagging or vomiting after any small amount of pressure to the windpipe
* You may also see sneezing and snorting
* Fever may be present – although not in every case

What won’t there be?

In most cases, there won’t be a runny discharge from the nose or eyes unless your dog also has Canine Flu or something similar.

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The good news is that you will be able to get your dogs and/or cats healthy again by using a simple Kennel Cough home remedy. Although kennel cough symptoms may sound bad, kennel cough is normally NOT a life-threatening condition.

There are various kennel cough treatments available, but many are chemical-based drugs, and if that is the case, then you can expect side-effects (as these drugs are likely to have both long-term and short-term side effects.

There is, however, a safe organic Kennel Cough remedy that will have your pets back on their feet at full health again after a few treatments of easy drops that you put in some liquids or foods they enjoy. Just twice a day for a week and there’ll be no more hacking coughs – in fact, a couple of doses is often all you need to see some relief.

Learn more about this organic Kennel Cough treatmentand get your dog or cat some greatly-needed relief today.

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