Contaminated Pet Foods – Recalled Pet Foods

Pet Food Recalls

Here is a list of symptoms suggesting a reaction to the contaminated food:

Most pets vomit or become suddenly sick after eating contaminated food, and
the reactions are happening quickly.

-vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, lethargy
-increased or decreased drinking
-increased or decreased urinating
-mouth pain or mouth ulcers
-severe dehydration

If your pet has any of these symptoms after eating any of the suspect food, then see your veterinarian immediately.

You can report any suspected case to the FDA here:

If you believe your pet was affected, find out about whether you may be entitled to compensation here –

Wheat Gluten appears to be the source of the toxins.  There has been contamination with melamine – a chemical used in Asian fertilizers and in plastics and laminates.

Real premium natural foods do not use wheat gluten, as it is a poor protein source for pets, and poorly digestible. It is used as a filler.

Avoid pet food sold in a grocery store – forever.  Do NOT return to the food you were giving your dog if it was on the recalled dog foods list. 

Why would you want to feed your dog obviously substandard food?  Only companies that don’t care about your dog would use substandard dog food ingredients that have any potential for harm.  Even without the contaminants, these ingredients are of extremely questionable nutritional value.

So what can you do?  Well, here are a few suggestions:

Make your own food.

Add in raw food as a portion of your dog’s diet.

Or order premium natural foods such as:

- Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food

- Sojos Homemade Dog Food

- Honest Kitchen healthy dehydrated Dog Food

(Click on any of the above links for more information or to order).

Although the official number of pet deaths confirmed by the FDC is 16, it is believed that the count is much, much higher.  A realistic number is probably closer to 4000 deceased pets, and 12000-15000 affected pets.

3,973 pets have been reported as deceased to the PetConnection database.
Of these, 2,058 are cats, and 1,815 are dogs. Total reports of all owner-suspected cases of food-related illness: 12,419.

There is a very well respected Veterinary Only Website called Veterinary Information Network (VIN). VIN sets a range for probable deaths at 2,000 to 7,000, based on survey of VIN member veterinarians.

Below is a list of currently recalled pet foods
(the list should be current as at 11 May 2007):

Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
Best Choice
Big Bet
Big Red
Del Monte Treats and Snacks
Demoulas Market Basket
Fine Feline Cat
Food Lion
Giant Companion
Great Choice
Hill Country Fare
Hills Pet Nutrition Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry cat food
J E Mondou 
Laura Lynn
Li’l Red
Loving Meals
Medi Cal
Meijers Main Choice
Mighty Dog Pouch
Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea dry cat food
Nutro Max
Nutro Max Gourmet Classics
Nutro Natural Choice
Nutro Products
Nutro Ultra
Ol’Roy Canada
Ol’Roy US
Pet Essentials
Pet Pride – Good n Meaty
Presidents Choice
Price Chopper
Priority Canada
Priority US
Purina Alpine Prime Cuts in Gravy
Roche Brothers
Royal Canin – Sensible Choice
Royal Canin – Kasco
Save-A-Lot Choice Morsels
Save-A-Lot Special Blend
Science Diet Kitten Savory Cuts Ocean Fish
Science Diet Feline Adult Savory Cuts Beef, Chicken and Ocean Fish
Science Diet Feline Senior Savory Cuts Chicken
Shep Dog
Special Kitty Canada
Special Kitty U.S.
Springsfield Prize
Stater Brothers
Stop & Shop Companion
Tops Companion
Wegmans Bruiser
Weis Total Pet
Western Family US
White Rose
Winn Dixie
Your Pet

Iams stepped up and forced Menu’s recall.

In sworn testimony Menu Foods CEO Paul Henderson
admitted that his company called the recall because
Iams told them they’d had enough, that their own quality
internal systems had revealed a problem, and that they
were pulling their own products even if Menu wouldn’t
pull them all.

It was that stand that triggered everything that has
followed since. Menu launched the massive and
unprecedented recall before Iams could, but only
because Iams was ready to do it on their own.

It looks as if Iams is finally starting to be more responsible.  I wouldn’t be rushing out to give them my custom, though – their past practises have been appalling – see Iams Scandal for more information. 

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