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The following dog web site links contain info which may be of interest to you The information on these sites relates exclusively to dogs and all sorts of related information – dog health, dog care, dog training, dog breeds, dog products and supplies (including dog toys, dog beds, dog collars, and much more. You’ll even find here a dating service for dog lovers (see the large banner in the middle of the page)! It’s all here …

Home Based Business in the Pet Industry

If you’re interested in a pet related home business, click on the banner below for more information on pet sitting businesses, dog grooming businesses, doggie day care business, and setting up your own boarding kennel business:




Pug Dogs – Pug Dog Breed Guide with pug pictures and more!

Doggie Dews – Instructional book about dog grooming which contains step by step instructions, tricks  of the trade, illustrations, is inexpensive, easy to understand and apply to dog grooming.

Small Dog Info – Advice for picking, naming, training and caring for your small dog. Tips on dog food, dog treats, dog health, dog beds and much more.

Small Dog Toys – Specializing in small dog toys, small dog beds, small dog carriers, small dog clothing, small dog collars, leashes and more!

Dog Pawlor – an informative and fun place for you and your dog. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll find a wide range of useful information – from dog care tips, dog freebies, places to shop for your dogs to dog training tips.

Just German Shepherds is your Complete Guide to buying, training and living with German Shepherds. If you love German Shepherds, you are really going to like this site…

Everything Pitbulls – Pitbulls and dog lovers, hard to find tips, news, and facts, on dogs’ health, dog supplies, dog training, dog T shirts, and premium dog food.

Ultimate Guide To Dog Care – comprehensive information on how to take care of a dog. Discusses pros and cons of raw dog food, choosing the right dog bed, dog toy and dog house.

Natural Pet is an online resource specializing in herbal pet medication for dogs and cats.

Losing a Pet – Resources, support and grieving / coping with loss of a family member or friend

Dog Beds – Pet Beds
Extra large orthopedic luxury dog beds for all breeds. Visit the online dog store for designer dog furniture and quality dog couches. Best dog beds wholesale direct. Breeders choice in a dog bed world wide.

Puppy and Dog Training
Learn to care for your dog and puppy safely and simply. Enjoy the time spent with your pet by applying our easy dog training tips. Healthy and well-behaved puppies will have increased social skills, be personable, gentle and respectful. Your dogs’ behavior is a reflection of your relationship. Learn the basics for success now.

Mesothelioma in Dogs – Mesothelioma is a deadly disease caused by exposure to asbestos.  And it’s not limited to humans.  Dogs can contract it too.

Steel City American Bulldogs
– We are american bulldog breeders. Expecting pups in August. Our site contains american bulldog history and breed requiremnts, puppy care and training tips, forum for enthusiasts, pictures of american bulldogs, games.

Dog Health Care and Pet Supply Store
Your dog health care information pertaining to diseases, parasites, allergies, puppy training, dog exercises, arthritis, etc. along with a pet supply store, combined to save you time and money.

Happy Dog Training – Training your puppy or dog can be done quickly and easily.  We have a wide range of tools and products to make your dog training experience happier for you and your pet. We offer lots of free training advice.

Dog Breeds Care Online Guide – Natural dog care guide.

Pets Show Board – Here you can find dogs events announcements.  If your dog has puppies or wins a competition, advertise with us!

Dog Collars -Specializing in dog collars, dog harnesses and leashes! – Offering the best in purebred dog breed and dog breeder content through our online community, pure breed dog newsletter, classified ads, dog related health and training articles and more.

Dogs – Info on dogs from training and health care, to dogs in the news.


Click Here for Indoor Dog Potty info

High Quality Dog Pictures – Visit to view and share high quality pictures of your favourite puppy and dog online.

Dog Health Care Information – Find all your dog related answers in this dog health care ebook.

Midwest Dog Crates – complete line of Midwest Dog Crates. Free shipping on all orders.

Other Pets:

Squirell Proof Feeders – Squirrel proof bird feeders & bird houses at WildBirdsMarketPlace.

Not pet sites, but interesting, nevertheless –


Heart Disease – Heart disease articles and resources
Wholesale Clothing – Thousands of TRUE Wholesale Clothing, Wholesale Shoe, and Wholesale Handbag Suppliers

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