Strengthen Your Dog’s Immune System with Transfer Factors

Along with the 21st Century has come a great number of technological
advances, many of which have significantly furthered the abilities and
even the health of mankind.  One leading advancement, stemming from a
discovery of more than 50 years ago, stands out in the field of immunology
as a supplement that increases immune system function by up to 103
percent, or twice as much as any other natural product previously tested.1
That supplement is 4Life Transfer Factor.

4Life Transfer Factor is a unique and highly effective supplement
formulated to support and improve immune system function.   The technology behind the product is based upon the ability to pass on immunity
strength from a donor to a recipient.  It is composed of special messenger
molecules, known as transfer factors, which convey critical information
within an individual’s immune system.  Leading scientists and physicians
from around the world have established the safety and remarkable immune
system benefits of transfer factors.  An estimated 40 million dollars
has been spent on transfer factor research, resulting in over 3,000
scientific papers documenting their benefits.

4Life believes in the strength of the immune system as being a key
element to the foundation of overall health and wellness.  With its entire
family of Transfer Factor and Targeted Transfer Factor products, 4Life
offers an effective, scientifically-advanced answer to fortifying this
system, which in turn strengthens and supports other systems throughout the body, and helps your dog (and you) achieve superior health, longevity and vitality.

How and why transfer factors work:
· Transfer Factors are systemic.  Their small molecular weight allows
them to be absorbed into the bloodstream.
· Transfer factors are not species specific.
· Transfer factors are effective when taken orally; stomach acid or
digestive enzymes do not degrade their potency.
· Transfer Factors are active.  They continue to provide continuous
benefit to the immune system because their immune messages are passed to
immune cells, which have several weeks of life.
· Transfer factors are non-allergenic and are safe for children and
· Transfer factors enhance cellular immune functions, including
enhancing natural antibody production through the entire body.
· Transfer factors promote the immune system’s ability to recognize,
respond to and remember invaders seeking to threaten health.  Further,
unlike other immune boosters, transfer factors modulate the immune system
by either boosting or balancing it-whichever the body needs.

(c) 2002, 4Life Research

For more information on how 4Life Transfer Factor can help your dog’s immune system, and treat pet disease at the same time, click here.

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