Boost Your Dog’s Immune System and Prevent Disease

Boost Your Dog’s Immune System and Prevent Disease

with 4Life Transfer Factor Plus – recommended by veterinarians


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“Nearly everything that goes wrong with us, with the exception of trauma – i.e. broken bones etc., can be traced directly to an immune system failure” Rob Robertson, M.D.

Dr. Joe Ramaekers, DVM  “Transfer Factor™ is truly the missing link in the nutritional approach to preventive medicine for all pets.  It is a powerful immune system activator that has the ability to boost the immune system in an entirely different way.  The new TF Pets™ products for dogs and cats are phenomenal.  My patients love them.”

Many chronic diseases commonly seen in dogs result from immune suppression.  Diabetes, allergies, breathing difficulties, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, recurrent ear infections, and even cancer, are all examples of an immune system gone wrong.

Some of these diseases can be treated by conventional medicine, or by natural remedies such as homeopathy, but many are lifetime conditions, and some are fatal.  Conventional or natural treatments can be effective, but usually treatment is slow, especially where the disease is well established.  Transfer factors can significantly shorten the course of the treatment, by giving a much needed balancing effect to your dog’s immune system.

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So what are Transfer factors, I hear you ask?

Transfer factors are a set of messaging molecules that convey immune information within the immune system. Transfer factors also carry immune information from one individual’s immune system to another individual.  They help the immune system recognize, respond to, and remember invading organisms which threaten optimimum health.

It was initially thought that Transfer factors were only present in blood.  But it was later realised that they’re also present in colostrum.  More recently it’s been found that Transfer factors are also in egg yolk.

All infant mammals (including human babies who were breastfed) receive colostrum from their mothers which helps educate and strengthen their naïve immune systems for the challenges of the time. Today, more than ever, we are exposed to new immune challenges. Strengthening our immune systems can be critical to lifelong health.

Suppression of the immune system can result in various illness and disease types including bacterial, mycobacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral, and cancer.   Specific illnesses, diseases and conditions which can manifest as a result of your dog’s compromised immune system may include skin irritations, allergies, hot spots, continuous licking of paws or other body parts, skin lesions, and more serious conditions including epilepsy or other seizures.

Exposure to antibiotics, cortisone, vaccinations, almost all other drugs, flea treatments, worming treatments, chemical cleaners in the home, pesticides which find their way into your backyard every time it rains, and airborne pollutants, all cause an assault on your dog’s immune system.

4Life Transfer Factor Research has developed a product which supports your dog’s immune system like no other.  There are many good colostrum products available (and which are widely used to boost immunity), which have only 1/30 of the effectiveness of 4Life Transfer Factor Plus.  4Life Transfer Factor Plus contains Transfer factors sourced from bovine colustrum, avian eggs, and herbal extracts, and has been shown to boost the immune system by 437 percent!

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Compromise of your dog’s immune system may cause it to be either overactive or underactive.  If it’s overactive, your dog may experience allergies, ear infections, diabetes, or hypothyroidism. In effect an overactive immune system may attack its own organs. Transfer factors act on an overactive immune system to balance the overactivity.  An underactive immune system may result in mange, parasites, viral infections, or cancer.  Transfer factors will boost an underactive immune system, thereby giving the immune system the capacity to overcome the disease condition.

Until relatively recently pet (and human) health was always approached by waiting for signs and symptoms of disease to occur, and then to counter them with toxic drugs which would either mask or knock out the symptoms.  But in doing so, immunity was being affected adversely.  This disease management regime is now being discarded by medical practitioners and veterinarians, particularly those who prefer a holistic approach.  Instead of waiting until disease appears and establishes itself, sometimes with irreversible consequences, immunity optimization can prevent disease from occurring in the first place, and reduce the severity and duration when it does occur.

And immunity optimization can be achieved with the use of 4Life Transfer Factor.  4Life Transfer Factor deals with both bacterial and viral infections before they can cause disease.  I highly recommend it for your dog.

Steven Slagle, DVM: “Transfer factors and Transfer Factor Plus have turned out to be the most effective and versatile products I have ever used in my 32-year veterinary practice. Here are a few examples: A cat with leukemia, an oral tumor, and posterior paralysis due to a spinal tumor, was very ill and emaciated. One month after enhanced Transfer Factors (1 cap daily), there was some regression of the oral tumor, restored appetite with some weight gain, and increased sociability. Five months later, she continues to improve, regaining normal weight, 80% regression of her oral tumor, and regaining use of hind legs and tail.

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