Your Dog Needs Vitamins, Too!

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Disease is a process which gradually debilitates the cells of an organism. The organism may be you, or me, or your dog (or mine!)

Debilitated cells are unable to rebuild, regenerate and repair damage which inevitably occurs just through the fact of being alive and moving day by day closer to the end of life.  

Of course, much greater damage can be caused by poor nutrition or other dietary deficiencies or excesses, environmental poisons, physical and/or emotional stress or insufficient excercise.  In short, anything which pushes the organism past its optimum capacity, or causes it to fall short of its optimum capacity, can and will cause damage and will debilitate the cells.

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Vitamins for your dog work by feeding your dog’s cells in such a way that helps debilitated cells activate their natural regenerative power. When this natural regenerative power is restored your dog’s original vitality returns.  You may notice a marked improvement in your dog’s appearance, and, depending upon your dog’s current age now, your dog may well appear considerably younger than his/her actual age. 

Naturally if your dog is still a pup, there’s unlikely to be so much of a noticeable change, but your puppy will surely benefit from lifelong treatment with vitamins and live to a healthy ripe old age.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Yes, your dog can certainly benefit from a vitamin supplement.

Check out the best one here:  Healthy Pet Vitamins!

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You may have tried one or more vitamin supplements for pets already and not seen any real benefits.  There’s one specific vitamin which seems to work wonders for dogs.  It’s Procaine Hydrochloride.  Never heard of it?  Don’t worry, it’s not that widely known.  Procaine Hydrochloride is actually a compound of PABA and Choline, which you probably are familiar with.  They’re both members of the B group of vitamins.

If you’re using vitamins for your dog and not sure about their effectiveness, check to see whether they contain Procaine Hydrochloride.  If not, you may want to switch to Healthy Pet Vitamins and see how you go with those.  Healthy Pet Vitamins does contain Procaine Hydrochloride as its primary component.  That’s no doubt why people get such astounding results with it.  If you really want to see what I mean, check out the huge list of testimonials on the Healthy Pet Vitamins site.  Healthy Pet seems to be capable of curing everything from allergies, to cataracts, to epilepsy, to compressed discs, and everything else in between, it would seem!

Personally, I’ve seen some very promising results with both of my dogs with these specialised vitamins for dogs

I think you might, too!

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