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eBook Review
by Brigitte Smith

Dog Bite PreventionHow to Stop Your Puppy or Older Dog from BitingWorld Class Trainers’ Tips to Raising a Well Behaved Dog
– whew!  quite a mouthful, but it’s the title of Lateef Olamajide’s new eBook. 

This really is a comprehensive resource covering dog bites from all perspectives – from training your puppy not to nip you before it develops into a problem, to coping with the aftermath of a dog bite (whether you’re the owner of the dog, or the victim), and everything in between! 

There’s lots of helpful information on such diverse topics as dog obsessions, socializing your dog with your new baby, what you must teach your children if you’ve got a dog or are getting one, and what you must teach your dog about children, as well as insight into why dogs behave the way they do in various situations.

I was asked to review Lateef’s ebook before he released it, and made some suggestions on it, and I think the result is good.

One point which Lateef makes which I can well relate to is that before any dog bites he will give warning signs which, if heeded, may prevent the dog from biting

When my son was 2 years old, we were visiting with my aunt and uncle overseas, who had a 5 year old Doberman, called Tyson.  My aunt had raised this dog from 2 weeks old when it’s mother had died.  She had bottle fed Tyson initially on a 2 hourly schedule, and Tyson really was like a soppy baby. 

dog with kid

But my son was intrigued by Tyson, and wouldn’t leave him alone – constantly touching the dog and wanting to play with him.  I didn’t think it was a good idea, and asked for Tyson to be put outside at times. 

Then Tyson went for my toddler – just a quick snarl, but to me it was an unmistakeable warning.  I told my aunt, but she insisted that the dog would never do that, and I must have imagined it.  Then there was a second warning the following day – this time my uncle saw Tyson go for Jonathan and said to my aunt that they should keep Tyson outside to be on the safe side, while Jonathan was around.  My aunt again insisted that we were all making a mountain out of a molehill, and that Tyson was a member of the family, and was a big baby, and would never hurt anyone.

Well, I just should have insisted, but I thought my aunt should know the dog that she’d brought up from 2 weeks old, and treated as her “baby”. 

Later that day, when my boy was doing absolutely nothing to provoke Tyson, Tyson took his chance and lunged at him.  We were extremely lucky that Tyson didn’t tear my son’s face off. His teeth sank into both sides of his face on his left temple and right cheek.  Fortunately, Tyson then spontaneously let go.  If he had held on, or pulled, or shaken AT ALL, the result would have been – well, I just don’t want to think about it.

dog bite1

As it was, as you can imagine, there was blood everywhere.  It was spurting from my 2 year old’s face, and I was hysterical.  Others in the house had to calm me down before they could see to my son.

Thankfully, it was not as bad as it looked, or nearly as bad as it could have been (thank heaven).  Several stitches were needed to my baby’s face, and bears the small scars to this day.  Luckily, he thinks they make his face look interesting – certainly people are always asking about them.

But it just goes to show – dogs DO very often give a warning, and it is absolutely essential that we pay attention.

So go check out Lateef’s ebook and if you want my advice – buy it!  It’s a great resource, and comes with some great bonuses.  Click here for Dog Bite Prevention info.

(c) 2005, Brigitte Smith, Healthy Happy Dogs


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