Phenomenal Healing with Arnica

The Arnica flower is a herb used for medicinal purposes.  It grows on mountains in diverse areas around the world, and has been used as a herbal healing remedy from ancient times up until today.

Trauma in all forms, including mental trauma, emotional trauma and physical trauma have all been shown to be aided by Arnica.

Arnica flower remedies can be used very effectively in both humans and pets to reduce both pain and the mental anguish caused by physical injury.

Arnica is also sometimes recommended for animals suffering from severe emotional distress such as a fear of either a person or another animal coming close to it.  It has also been used with some success in animals who appear to show a deep fear of almost everything, such as an animal that has been severely abused.

As is the case with many natural remedies, arnica based pet remedies can be used for both acute and chronic conditions.  In the acute phase, the remedy is applied often – sometimes as often as every ten minutes in cases of acute distress, until the animal has calmed down sufficiently to, for example, allow an examination of a wound site.  Thereafter, the application can be reduced to perhaps 4 or 5 times daily for severals weeks.

Probably the most effective use of Arnica is in connection with surgery.  Arnica remedies can show remarkable wound healing following surgery.  If applied to the site of the incision or wound following surgery, healing can be speeded up considerably.  If, however, the arnica is commenced orally pre-surgery for several weeks, and continues following surgery, recovery speed can be quite dramatic in many cases.  The pain associated with the surgery is also made significantly more bearable with the assistance of an Arnica remedy.

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