Common Dog Diseases and Symptoms

Dogs are the best pets and we all enjoy our carefree time with them. There are times though that they fall sick with common dog diseases; and we must be aware of these to be able to handle the situation appropriately. Listed are several dog diseases and symptoms you will do well to watch out for for early detection and treatment.


Heartworms are parasitic worms that infect the canine’s heart and lungs. Mosquitoes are the primary culprit of this particular ailment. Notice if the dog has cough or is showing unusual fatigue – these are signs that he has contracted heartworm. If they are untreated, the dog’s condition may worsen to congestive heart failure.

Parvovirus is one of the most terminal and common dog diseases you must be aware of. Dirty and unsanitary living quarters are to blame for this ailment that attacks the intestines of the poor animal. When they come in contact with contaminated feces, virus sets in and the disease quickly escalates. Symptoms of decreased appetite, vomiting, intense diarrhea and lethargy will show right away. Because this disease is dangerous as it is fast, death will occur after a few short days when appropriate treatment is neglected.

Another extremely harmful disease caused by unsanitary surroundings is Distemper. There is no cure found for distemper yet and there is only a fifty percent survival rate for adult dogs that catch this ailment. Symptoms of distemper include diarrhea, coughing, chest congestion and abnormal discharge from the eyes and nose of the dog.

A canine viral disease that most people fear is rabies.  Although it is more commonly associated with dogs, raccoons, bats and even cats are also susceptible to this disease. Rabies assaults the animal’s nervous system and is spread through saliva. During the first stage the dog will be feverish and have slower eye reflexes. It will advance to aggressive behavior and the eventual failure of the canine’s motor movements. When they do have rabies, you need to put them to sleep immediately.

Bloat is a dog disease that happens when the canine overeats or consumes his food too fast. The animal’s stomach becomes twisted and this traps gas as well as cuts off the blood supply needed. This is really painful for the dog and will frequently lead to a fast death. Be attentive during mealtimes that your dog doesn’t eat too quickly or too much at once. Some indicators of this disease are dry heaving, restlessness and depression.

Findings show that a majority of dogs are inclined to be obese as they grow older. While obesity is not really fatal in itself, it is a complication to many medical conditions. Dogs that are too fat will suffer stress in their heart, liver and lungs. They will also be a high risk during surgery. A nutritional diet will benefit their over-all health.

Knowing about these dog diseases and symptoms will help you treat your canine’s needs appropriately. However, it must be said that preventive measures are far better so your pets do not have to undergo illness or discomfort at all. Exercise, diet and environment are factors to watch to keep them as healthy as possible.

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