Dog Skin Disorders

by Melissa Simmonds

I don’t know if you reared your dog up yourself or if you adopted him from a shelter, but chances are, you have a good-looking pet you just love spending time with. Suddenly, you begin noticing some dry patches, redness and relentless itching. What’s happening? You don’t think your pet is sick but you want to know how to make him feel and look better.

Dog skin disorders are quite prevalent in the canine community. Chalk it up to the outdoor environment we consistently subject our dogs to (they’re animals, who could blame us?). There are a lot of parasites and bacteria that readily latch on to our dogs’ skin when given the chance. The good news is that there are things we can do to help avoid these pesky problems. Here are effective dog skin care tips that will ensure your dog stays as handsome as possible.

Before anything else, you must check with your veterinarian if you start seeing any changes in your pet’s behavioral and physical appearance. Sometimes, lesions and red patches of skin signal something more serious in nature that must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, if we proceed in treating your dog’s skin problems – you will only be dealing with the symptoms and not the root cause of it.

Once you have ruled out the possibility of a more serious canine disease – check the regular grooming routine you do to your pet. What are the products that you use? How often do you bathe the animal? You may not know it but you might be using harsh shampoos that do not compliment the dog’s pH level. Add to that excessive bathing and you are also stripping away his natural oils.

Find special canine shampoos that specifically moisturize his skin. Some ingredients you should look out for are safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, chamomile tea, humectants, silk, wheat and oat proteins. Many pet shops and canine sites offer products with similar ingredients that you should try out. These will improve the strength and texture of the canine’s skin and coat.

Brush the dog’s coat with a gentle brush often to stimulate the natural oils. You will get to spot check any lice, rocks, or even tumors whenever you comb through his hair. Also, you are detangling fur matted together by sweat and dirt when you brush him. This is important because matted hair can cause “hot spots” and infections which are extremely uncomfortable for dogs.

A good diet is essential for good dog skin care as well. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in his daily diet. Natural supplements with omega fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants will not only keep the fur shiny, it will improve the dog’s immune system as well. An excellent immune system will help ward off infections caused by dog skin disorders.

It’s not only your dog’s appearance you are taking care of – you are also ensuring his best health and disposition when you follow these simple steps. Go ahead and give it a try – you can enjoy a healthy and happy dog today.

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