Homemade Cat Food Recipe

Homemade pet food suddenly became popular after the most extensive pet food recall in history in early 2007. The incident has caused quite a stir among pet owners and has caused everyone to question the nutrient value and safety level of packaged and processed pet foods. As a result, homemade cat food recipes and homemade dog food recipes became an instant hit among cat and dog owners.

For years, we have all been using processed food in feeding our pets. We have blindly believed in the advertisements placed by manufacturers about the nutrient value and safety of their products. Now, as if some mystical being had waved her magical wand upon everyone, cat and dog owners have realized that not even the most expensive pet food available in the market can ensure the safety and optimum health of their beloved pets.

If you are one of those pet owners who have decided to stop using processed commercial pet foods for the daily diet of their pets, perhaps you would want to make your own cat food or dog food. Many cat and dog owners have tried making their own homemade pet foods and have enjoyed the benefits that homemade pet foods have brought to their pets.

Indeed, homemade pet foods have many advantages that cannot be found in processed commercial pet products. For instance, a homemade cat food recipe may authentically contain the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the cat in its diet. You can be sure that it does contain the needed vitamins and minerals because you yourself have made it for your cat. You do not have to worry about misleading information about the nutrient value of the food that you are giving your pet because you have made the recipe yourself.

Another advantage of giving your cat homemade pet food is the fact that you are giving your pet fresh food. Therefore, you do not have to worry about contamination that may lead to pet poisoning and possible death of your cat.  In addition, you can choose to give your cat a variety of food everyday without compromising her health and daily nutrient requirement.

Another big advantage of homemade cat food recipe over commercially packaged pet food is that it is a lot more affordable. Since the recipe is homemade, you can choose to buy the least expensive ingredient for your cat food or choose to buy the ingredients in bulk in order to get more savings. Besides, in some instances you wouldn’t have to buy the ingredients at all as you can just take what is available in your kitchen. Likewise, you can use rice, potatoes, and meat that have been left over from your previous meals in making your homemade cat food. But they must be used sparingly. Don’t forget that cats are carnivores.

Looking back at the pet food recall that happened, it could be said that the incident was a blessing in disguise for all cat and dog owners who were not directly affected by it. It was a blessing in the sense that it had led to the realization that not all expensive commercial products promising optimum health for our pets and which are thought to contain the essential vitamins and mineral nutrients that are required by our pets are safe. Now we know that those were false claims. The incident has also made us realize that we can actually make our own homemade pet foods and save more in the process.

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