How to Make Homemade Dry Dog Food

by Melissa Simmonds

No doubt you heard about the pet food recall which happened in 2007. It was a recall on a massive scale, involving dozens of brands of pet food. The pet food recall was administered because of pet poisoning. Some known pet food brands were discovered to contain ingredients that are harmful and even fatal to the pet’s health. Because of this, many cat and dog owners have been searching for alternatives to processed pet foods sold in the market. Many of these pet owners have resorted to making their own homemade pet food.

You yourself might have wanted to make your own homemade dog food but just do not know how to get started. This article will give you some valuable tips on how to make homemade dry dog food.

Commercial pet foods can come in two varieties: wet and dry. As an alternative, you can make your own wet or dry dog food with ingredients which you can easily find in your own kitchen. Basically, making homemade pet food is just a matter of mixing ingredients which are essential to a dog’s diet. Usually, dogs require meat, vegetables, and a balanced amount of starches. Here are some pointers on how to make your own homemade pet food.

1. Mix brown rice, ground meat, water, and vegetables and cook them together. The amount of water will depend on whether you want the food to be wet or dry. If you want the pet food to be dry, then you may put only a small amount of water.

2. If the pet food you have cooked exceeds the amount needed by your dog for the day, keep it in the refrigerator. However, never keep homemade dog food in the refrigerator longer than three days.

3. Never include tea, chocolate, and coffee in the ingredients of your homemade dog food. These ingredients can cause seizures to the dog.

4. Rice is a good source of carbohydrates for dogs.

5. Include flour in your homemade pet food ingredients.

6. Garlic can also be included in the ingredients. It helps dogs fight infection and get rid of tape worms and fleas. However, do not put too much of it as it can cause illness to the dog when taken in large amounts.

7. Add small amounts of codliver oil or flaxseed oil to the ingredients of the homemade dog food. These ingredients contain omega 3 which is good for the dog.

8. Put variety into the dog’s daily diet. You can do this by cooking different kinds of homemade food and using different ingredients every day or every other day.

9. Always make sure that meat is cooked well before serving it to the dog.

10. Never consider including raisins, grapes, onions, macadamia nuts, and nutmeg in the ingredients for your homemade dog food. These can cause problems to the dog.

If you are looking for tips specifically on how to make homemade dry dog food (as opposed to wet), then you will want to find some dog recipes that are baked.  Dog biscuit recipes are ideal, but need to contain all the essential ingredients for a healthy dog diet, so look for homemade dog biscuit recipes that have all the right ingredients.

Making your own pet food at home is easy. You only need to know the essential ingredients that can give your dog the nutrients it needs. If you are not sure how to make homemade dry dog food in a way that you can be sure of your dog’s health, you can consult a veterinarian. The vet may be able to guide you in choosing the right ingredients for your dog.
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