Recipes for Homemade Dog Foods

by Melissa Simmonds

It is understandable that responsible dog owners only want the best for their beloved pet dogs. After the pet food recall that happened in recent years, more and more dog owners are trying to learn how to make homemade dog food. They believe that by making their own homemade dog food they can help their pet dogs avoid the potential harm that can result from the intake of contaminated commercial dog foods.

We cannot blame pet owners if they shun commercial dog foods away from the diet of their pets. In a way, they have made a wise decision. Recipes for homemade dog foods usually contain ingredients that are natural and are therefore safe for dogs. Apart from this, dogs can be given optimum vitamins and minerals since homemade dog foods can be cooked according to the vitamin and mineral requirement needed by the dog.

A variety of recipes for homemade dog foods can be found in the Internet. Dog owners can browse websites and see for themselves which recipe will be best for their dog. They can try cooking all these recipes or choose only those which fit their budget. However, before giving their pet dogs any homemade dog foods, they should consult the veterinarian first and ask if the homemade dog food they will be giving their pet will better give the pet the nutrients it need. The veterinarian can give advice on the proper preparation of the homemade dog food. In addition, prior to shifting completely into homemade dog foods, the owner must see to it that the dog is ready for the change in his diet. Abrupt dietary changes may result to problems of indigestion and upset stomach.

There are many ways of making homemade dog foods. Some of these ways may be costly but some can be very affordable. If you want a recipe that is friendly to your budget, try some of these following tips.

1. Look for the ingredients that are on sale in the market. For example, if a certain kind of meat is on sale in the market you can make your dog food from this meat. Mix and cook this meat with other ingredients and your dog food is ready to go.

2. Look first in your kitchen if there are available ingredients there that are good for your homemade dog food. This way, you do not have to buy and shell out any money for the dog food.

3. Use your left-over meat or rice for your dog food. You can save a lot from this.

4. Buy ingredients in bulk. This way, you can save a few cents.

You only need to be creative to be able to make homemade dog food that will fit your budget. Recipes for homemade dog foods don’t need to be costly. There are ingredients that can be bought at a lesser price but can still give the daily nutrient requirement of your pet. You can also turn to your existing supply in the kitchen and make your dog’s food from what can be found there.

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