Did you Know that You Can Treat Your Dog With Bach Flower Remedies?

I didn’t realise this until fairly recently.  It’s not something I’ve actually tried yet, but I’ve used Rescue Remedy and a few others myself, and think it’s fascinating that a few drops of concentrate can actually have a marked effect. 

It’s something I might try out on my dogs at some stage soon.  How about you?

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I found this interesting article on the subject:

Alternative Remedies
by David the Dogman

In the early 1930’s the noted British physician and scientist, Dr. Edward Bach, discovered that the preparation of 38 flowering plants, trees and special waters alleviated a broad range of emotional and psychological difficulties. Bach also developed a highly effective combination emergency rescue formula for the relief of stress during acute stressful situations. “Rescue Remedy” is regarded as the panacea Remedy, having the ability to calm and distress any situation especially, those created by traumatic incidents where an animal was terrorized, injured, or abused.

But, how does one know what emotions dogs, cats, horses and all animals are experiencing? You would be surprised as to how easy it is to “read” an animal. All it takes is some observation and a little insight. You might discover that animals take less effort than humans do!

The Bach Remedies can be taken directly from the stock bottle or from the personal dilution bottle by placing 2 – 4 drops in your animal’s feed or water. The Remedies are easy and convenient to use with varied methods of application that can be selected to suit an individual’s specific needs.

The most common forms of administering the Remedies are placing them into the animal’s food or water; dropping them directly into the animal’s mouth; or rubbing the needed remedies on one’s hands before petting them.

There is no improper or wrong method of applying the Bach Remedies. It is truly not necessary to be precise in counting the number of drops in any of the dilution methods. The suggestions given, herein, are merely to offer a reasonable parameter of accepted dilution methods. Follow your own judgement and insights. Remember that you cannot overdose the Remedies for they are non-toxic.

The following is a description of the Flower Remedies that make up Rescue Remedy, the most commonly used Bach Flower Remedy. Rescue Remedy is not a Flower Essence in itself but a combination of five of original Remedies. Once these five remedies are combined, the Rescue becomes an essence unto itself. It is different now than its individual essences.

Increases attention span and ability to focus on the training lesson at hand. When the animal is comatose or unconscious for any reason; returning the animal to consciousness. After any surgery to increase recovery alterness time.

For the very nervous animal.
a. Any form of nervous difficulties, especially those that have the nervous shakes.

For the overly anxious animal.
a. At feeding times
b. Before a show
c. For animals that have epileptic type fits especially when agitated by being overly excited or upset.

Impatiens is for any form of pain.


Treat Your Dog With Bach Flower Remedies
For any form of terror and panic
a. After an accident, injury, fire or any terrifying event.
b. For the overly fearful animal that possibly was terrified sometime in their life. Fear does not dissolve naturally.

Rock Rose is for dauntless courage.
a. For animals that are used in service to mankind such as police work.

For the courageous animal to accentuate their already innate abilities.

Cherry Plum
For the animal that looses control, becoming wild and crazed.
a. for vicious animals that become dangerous when provoked.
b. For the high strung animal, including horses, that lose control easily.
c. for the animal that is destructive, losing control.
d. Losing control when seeing another animal enter into their territory.
e. To help retain control during mating season for both sexes.

To remain in control when:
a. In competition when stressed by strange people, noises, animals.
b. Training animals not to react to gun -fire.

For the animal that becomes frantic when travelling such as horses that spook when being placed in trailers.

For the animal that suffers from: dog anxiety2
a. Seizures or anxiety attacks

An animal who chews himself.
a. Allergies to grasses
b. Staying away from stitches after surgery.

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem is for all forms of trauma.
a. To give comfort to animals who were left alone or are in a kennel feeling unloved.
b. For an injured or ill animal who is required to remain at a veterinary clinic, during which one time their owners are there with them.

keeps animals “on track”. Therefore, it is ideal to administer before and during a training session and during competitive events.

A book that I recommend and from where this information has been sought:

“Practical Uses and Applications of the Back Flower Emotional Remedies” by Jessica Bear, N.D.

NOTE: Alternative Remedies are not meant to take the place of medical treatment. In all conditions or situations requiring medical attention, you should consult or discuss this with your vet.

Commitment, Firmness, but kindness.

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