How to Heal Liver Disease Naturally


How to Keep Your Dog’s Liver Healthy
– Dog Health, Liver Disease, and What You Can Do 
Liver problems in dogs are occurring with ever increasing frequency.  You may not know that your dog has liver disease until the late stages, when your vet may tell you your dog only has months, weeks, or days to live.  (By the way, don’t simply accept that advice – get Cyndi’s ebook, below). 
But because liver disease in dogs is so very prevalent, all dogs can benefit from a healthy liverwith Liver Aidclick here for further information on healthy liver function in dogs – and find out what you can do to maintain and improve dog liver health.
The reasons liver disease in dogs is on the increase (in huge proportions) can be directly attributable to poor diet (commercial dog foods are the major culprit), the practise of over-vaccinating dogs, prescription drugs, and chemical toxins in the environment. 
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Don’t wait until your dog develops liver disease – start him/her on Liver Aid before dog liver health becomes a problem.  Click here for further product information and ordering information.


And if your dog already has liver disease, you’ll need these books as well:

These are the ONLY books that address Canine Liver Disease –  the 5th leading cause of Non-Accidental Death among dogs!

Announcing a Hopeful Alternative Treatment for Healing Canine Liver Disease!  

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“Liver Disease does NOT have to be a Death Sentence!

“In my 20 plus years as a veterinary practitioner, I’ve treated many cases of liver disease, and I’ve followed both conventional and alternative methods of healing.  In these pages, Cyndi Smasal has compiled an excellent guide to help treat liver disease in dogs, our best friends and companions.  And, it’s in a great format that will allow readers to download it off the World Wide Web.
I started working with Cyndi and Norman four months into her alternative treatment.  I’ve never met a more dedicated pet owner.  She became a student and now a teacher of alternative veterinary medicine, nutrition, supplements and homeopathic remedies.  I have personally seen Norman benefit from her loving care, homemade dog food, and nutritional supplements.
The concept of a special diet for liver disease is not a novel one.  But in this book, Cyndi addresses the topic from a very personal and truthful level.  She has tried everything that could possibly be helpful for her dog, much more than what she’s listed in these pages.  She’s put all the results of her research into an easy to read, concise book that fills a tremendous need in the pet-lover community.
You will find her determination inspiring in addition to solid information about a complex disease.  This book is by no means the answer to all of your dog’s needs, but it provides a great start for treating your dog with liver disease in collaboration with a qualified veterinarian.
This is vital information that needs to be available for every pet-lover who has a dog with liver disease.
Deb Forster, B.S., D.V.M.

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Dear Fellow Dog Lover,
Does the dog you love have liver disease?
When Cyndi Smasal’s dog Norman was diagnosed with Liver Disease around Christmas of 2001 she looked everywhere for information.  She looked in book stores,, and I searched the Internet.  She FOUND NOTHING!
No books, and only a few resources and articles about liver disease and natural diet.  But that didn’t stop her.  She was determined to find a way to help Norman.  She wasn’t going to sit around a do nothing and just wait for him to die.
So Cyndi started doing research on liver disease, natural diets and supplements.  Then she found a Vet to help me understand what caused Norman’s liver disease and what supplements she should use to help treat the problem and support the system.
Well as at the time of writing, it’s been over 22 months, and Norman is still here and he’s doing great!
I still search for more information on canine liver disease and I still haven’t found anything that addresses the topic.  
Cyndi decided to compile all the research heryself and make it available to anyone else who is going through what she was going through back in 2002.
So I guess you could say that this book is written for you.  If you’ve found this website then you are looking for answers.
“All in all, Cyndi, this is a PHENOMENAL piece of work!  I’m impressed!  You put your soul’s highest energy into it, and it shows.  I think you’re going to help an incredible number of pets and their people.  Way to go!”
Aleithia Artemis, Animal Behavior Specialist and long-time studier of health-related influences.  713-PAW-PETS  Email:

Here’s more about the e-book…
Hope For Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog contains a personal story about how Norman (Cyndi Smasal’s then 10 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel) and Cyndi battled against canine liver disease.   The Vet gave him a month to live, and now, over 22 months later, he is still alive and doing well.  Thanks to Cyni’s hopeful alternative treatment for healing canine liver disease. 
Cyndi has put a wealth of information together from all her research into an easy to read, concise book that will help you take care of your dog.

Here are just a few of the things you will discover:
  • Why liver disease is usually well advanced before any symptoms are noticed.
  • The food and supplements that protect, reverse and heal liver damage.
  • How to create your own homemade dog food recipes that are just right for your dog.
  • The miracle diet that inspired this book.
  • How to care for your sick dog.
  • How to treat liver related illnesses that might come up.
  • What symptoms to watch out for.
  • Information you need to know about Liver Disease and Cirrhosis.
  • How your dog communicates symptoms.
  • 4 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes that you can use to help your dog live longer.
  • And more… 
This book is by no means the answer to all of your dog’s needs, but as Cyndi says, it’s a great resource for you and a qualified veterinarian.
Cyndi has created a free Preview that has the first 18 pages so you can get a better idea of what’s in the book.  Click here to view the Preview.
Just wanted you to know that the advice you gave in your book has really worked for Whoopi (our first service dog to the physically disabled, who retired last year at the age of 10).
Whereas the vet thought that she might not last a week, [now a month later], she seems stronger every day. However much time she has, she’ll have had more of it because of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Tony Mark 
President of the Board
Assistance Dogs of the West
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Cyndi I want to put a testimonial on your site…
I believe the information in your ebook saved Sheldon’s life. A month ago he was diagnosed with liver disease. After seeing the ultra sound the vet said he had 14 to 30 days to live. I don’t pray often but I sure did that day. Through my tears and hysteria a thought occurred to me…. “maybe I should look on the internet” and there I found your site. My prayers were answered. I did exactly what you said and my darling Cocker Spaniel looks like the dog I’ve had for 10 years. He improved in 3 days of supplements and home made food.
I feel terrible that I didn’t realize that his chronic diarrhea was a sign that something was terribly wrong. I did take him to 5 different vets over the years (I travel with Sheldon a lot). They all put him on anti-biotics for a bacterial infection. We are now on Sunny’s diet from your book and I have the best little doggie stools a mother could ask for.
I am seeing a homeopathic vet who is in total accordance with your suggestions.
Thank you for writing your book…I honestly believe you have prolonged Sheldon’s life. I would do anything to keep this dog with me for another day, week, month or year and thanks to you I have concrete things to do to help him.
This is my first dog and I have learned a lot about him through this illness. No pet of mine will ever eat commercial dog food crap again!!!!
Fran Gebhard for Sheldon Joe Cocker Spaniel
Hi Cyndi and Norman
I downloaded your e-book last Friday after receiving the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver in our 5 year old cocker spaniel, Tanner.  You don’t know how much hope you have given my family with your extensive research.  I am so glad I came across your website.  I was in such despair Thursday after Tanner’s ultrasound and  the internal medicine dr’s prognosis.  My husband and I refer to your book often and call it our “bible”.  We wonder if Norman was at all picky about some of the vegetables and new textures at first?  Tanner doesn’t seem to like tofu, even with chicken broth on it.  I guess we will resort to the granules.  I know I will have many more questions to ask and observations to share with you, but I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for helping all of us who feel so helpless with our best friend’s health concerns.”
Lori and Tanner 
So if you need answers NOW about dog liver health and canine liver disease, then this is your best source of information.  There’s nothing else out there that I’ve been able to find.  You don’t have to wait, you can download the e-book now and get started right away on improving your dog health – liver problems can be improved with this system.


Regards, Brigitte Smith, Healthy Happy Dogs
P.S.  Cyndi has given away over 150 copies of the Pre-Release version to others like you whose dog was just diagnosed with Liver Disease.  They all have one thing in common.  They love their dog and want to do whatever they can to help them live.  It doesn’t matter so much to Cyndi that you buy the book.
The main thing she wants to give you is HOPE.  It IS possible to improve the quality and quantity of your dogs life.  Your dog’s health is important – liver disease does NOT have to be a death sentence.  
P.P.S. You can do what Cyndi did, and do the research yourself.  Canine liver disease can be treated with diet and supplements.  Although there are no other books devoted to canine liver disease, many books do talk about natural diets and some give recipes for dog health and specifically liver disease.  I know you are probably worried about your dog right now, and want to learn as much as you can, as soon as possible.  I can save you a lot of time.  All the information you need is in Cyndi’s book.  Order now so you can start helping your dog today.  Just click here!
P.P.P.S. If you lost a dog to this terrible disease, you will want to get this book because if you ever get another dog, you will want to know what you didn’t know before.  This book contains all the information you need to know, in an easy to read format.
A Note from Norman:
Hellooooooooo.  My name is Norman.  I’m a cocker spaniel.  My mom Cyndi helped me write this note.  We both want to help other dogs like me who are sick.  My doctor says I have Liver Disease, but I don’t know what that means.  I do know that I wasn’t feeling good for a while and then my mom started feeding me some good food and I started feeling better.
I love to watch mom cook my meals.  She’s always telling me to get out of the kitchen, but the food smells so good, it drives me crazy.  Ever since my mom started cooking me these great meals we’ve been communicating better than ever.  It’s like she knows what I’m thinking now.  She watches me like a hawk.  If I don’t do what I usually do, she asks me if I’m feeling okay.  I can tell her when I don’t feel good, and she listens to me.  I think it’s great that she wants to tell other dog mom’s about what she learned.  She takes such good care of me.  I Love My MOM!!!  She gets a big tail wag from me!!!
Liver Disease is the 5th leading cause of non-accidental death in dogs.  That means it’s killing a lot of dogs.  This is the only book out there that addresses all the issues and teaches you how to take care of your dog after being diagnosed with Liver Disease.
The information in this book saved my life.  If my mom hadn’t taken a chance and changed my diet and added these supplements, I would be in doggie heaven today.
My mom is always trying new stuff and finding out about new Supplements or food remedies for Liver Disease.  If you are taking care of your dog that has Liver Disease, you’re going to want to get the book now.  You’ll get all the latest on Liver Disease, and the Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes and Supplements for Liver Disease.  After you buy the book, all you have to do is give us your email address and she’ll send you the latest information.
One more thing before I go take a nap.  I want you to know that we dogs love life.  When we get sick – just take the time to listen, give us good food, and focus on what matters most.  We love you (our humans) very much.  Thank you for not giving up on us.
Bye!  Wag, Wag, Sniff, Sniff, Lick, Lick!
P.S.   Don’t forget to get the book by clicking here.

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