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TOXICITY IS KILLING YOUR DOG healthy dog2 Is your dog well ALL the time?  Does your dog sometimes suffer from skin problems?  Has your vet ever prescribed cortisone or prednisone for your dog?  Mine has.  My Rottweiler, Kara, has required such treatments at least half a dozen times.  And she’s a pretty healthy dog.  Even my Staffie, Jet, has on occasion had cortisone injections as well as topically applied cortisone creams.  And Jet’s about as healthy and hardy as they get! Does your dog have allergies?   Does your dog maybe have hot spots or some other skin irritation?  My Kara once had a really bad hot spot.  The vet shaved a large area of the hair from her back.  I was too embarrassed to take her out walking for over a month.  She looked like she had a contagioius disease!
Does your dog lick his/her paws constantly?  Annoying, isn’t it?  (for you, I mean – and just imagine how intensely irritating it is for your dog!). 
Hopefully things haven’t got this bad, but perhaps your dog has even been diagnosed with cancer, Addison’s disease, Cushings disease, or Lyme disease?  Perhaps your dog is chronically sick in some way, and you’re constantly administering costly drugs to your dog?   Well, whether you dog’s problems are intermittent and relatively minor, or chronic and major, you CAN do something to improve your dog’s health in a significant way …  Take matters into your own hands and do something worthwhile for your dog! Herbal Detox Plus is the answer – click here. The root cause of your dog’s health problem is likely to be contaminated toxic blood.   Toxins are the root cause of allergy symptoms which is why the conventional veterinary medical practices are to treat your dog for allergy symptoms with all sorts of steroids and other toxic and lethal chemical drugs. These drugs DO NOT SOLVE the problem as you know very very well. The worse part of all is that most of these drugs actually make the situation worse by hampering your
dog’s ability to absorb nutrition and suppressing the immune system. 

Drugs have a long term detrimental affect to your dog’s health and longevity. Drugs lodge in the liver and kidneys and shorten a dog’s lifespan. Drugs are merely a band aid while the patient is bleeding to death. They just don’t work because they don’t get to the cause of the problem. 

If your vet says drugs are the only course of action that can be taken, your vet is probably wrong.  Drugs are the only course of action that conventional veterinary medicine knows about and preaches, but it is NOT the only course of action that is available to you and your dog. 

Fortunately for your dog,dog licking paws you have finally found the viable alternative to bring your dog back to full health and vitality.

Herbal Detox Plus is the answer – click here.

Get to the root cause of your dog’s health problem.

Don’t mask this problem with drugs and toxic chemicals, get to the cause and get it out of your dog’s body.

Vets normally DO NOT to get to the actual root cause of health problems. In fact the continual use of toxic drugs actually make the situation worse and worse as the years go on. 

Did you know that steroids such as prednisone have a long lasting harmful effect to your dog’s liver? Did you know that extended use of antibiotics can cause your dog’s immune system to be severely suppressed just when it needs a strong immune system?  All bacteria, both good and bad bacteria, in your dog’s body will be killed by an antibiotic and cause your dog’s nutritional uptake to be hampered further jeopardizing its health?

Have you ever changed the oil in your car and forgotten to change the oil filter? It didn’t take long for the oil to become filthy and unable to properly lubricate your car’s engine did it? Well, the same holds true for your dog’s body. How can your dog have clean nourishing blood if its filtering systems like the liver and kidneys are filthy and full of toxins?  Where do you think those toxins will go when the filters are dirty?  What eventually happens to the contaminated blood?

You guessed it, it travels directly into the other tissues and organs of the body causing cancer, tumors, addisons disease, cushings, diabetes, arthritis and on and on. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it gets more than its share of these toxic substances.  These toxic substances then cause the itching, scratching, hot spots, rashes, etc. 

Hot spots are caused by these toxins, allergies are caused by healthier dogs5toxins, epileptic seizures are caused by toxins as the toxins are now locating in the brain cells, even ear problems are caused by toxins. In fact in the summer of 2000, the New England Journal of Medicine acknowledged that 80-90% of all health problems are caused by toxins.

Where do these toxins come from?  Toxins are in our water – chlorine and fluoride are two examples.  Our food contains toxins – just look at all the preservatives contained in foodstuffs these days – in our own food, let alone in our dogs’ food.  The air we breathe contains toxins – pollution from car exhaust emissions and all manner of chemicals which are airborne and which we expose ourselves to every day.  There are toixns in the cleaning products you probably use in your home.  There are toxins in furniture and carpeting.  There are herbicides and pesticides routinely sprayed onto the foods that we eat.  There are herbicides and pesticides sprayed regularly in our parks and our yards (or your neighbours’ yards) – these are then tracked into your home and your dog’s kennel.


Most of these chemicals used everywhere and every day in today’s industrialised society, have a metallic base as the foundation of the product.  Because your dog is lower to the ground that you are, your dog is likely to be loaded with heavy metals as well as many other adverse effects emanating from chemical exposure.

Your dog needs you to take a pro-active approach to his/her health and wellbeing just as you would for yourself or your child.  A health maintenance approach will give your dog the opportunity to enjoy his/her life to the fullest.   Taking matters into your own hands will  increase the health, happiness, longevity and quality of life of your dog.   Bring the life back into your dog.  CLICK HERE TO SAVE YOUR DOG’S LIFE.


Your dog’s system needs Herbal Detox Plus to improve his/her quality of health.

I’m using Herbal Detox Plus to GREAT effect.  How about you?


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