Smart Dogs Love Brain Work!

Smart Dogs Love Brain Work – and all dogs are smart!


smart dogs

Did you know that it’s quite possible to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing with particular training methods?  It’s true.  Correct ongoing training of your dog can result in increased vitality so your dog will actually spend less time sleeping.  S/he’ll be more alert, but also when your dog sleeps, s/he’ll have a really healthy, restful sleep!

Have you ever noticed how some dogs seem to “listen” to their owners more than others?  Is your dog like that?  Or is your dog like most dogs – probably listens to commands some of the time, but sometimes tests you or simply takes no notice?  Many dogs are like that unless they’ve been really well trained from the start, or they receive ongoing training from their owners.

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Most people assume that training your dog for a few weeks or months when s/he is young will be sufficient for life.  But training as an ongoing process has great benefits for your dog.

Dogs love training sessions.  Can you guess why?  That’s right – because you’re spending time one on one with your dog.  And that’s what your dog wants most of all!

The idea of giving your dog appropriate mental stimulation (brain work) is not well understood by the general public, or even by the majority of conventional dog trainers either. Traditional dog training has been developed from the assumption that dogs can be transformed into little more than robots – the basis of almost all training is to train dogs to respond automatically to certain command words, and to respond in exactly the same way each time to each command.

Such training completely ignores your dog’s innate intelligence.

smart dogs

If your dog is in “mental balance”, then s/he will be happier.  And you can actually see when your dog is happy and content, can’t you?  The object is to take care of your dog and train him/her on your dog’s own terms, while still maintaining ultimate control.   (Of course, it goes without saying that you never want to lose your spot as the top dog).  You can actually take all the tedium out of dog training, and you won’t risk boring your dog to tears in the process, either.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  I was intrigued, anyway.

Mogen Eliasen is a dog trainer from Denmark.  He’s an expert in animal behavior, and has been studying dogs and developing better training methods for dogs for the past 30 years.  Mogen advocates training which does take into account your dog’s intelligence, and this method really works.  And as an added bonus, it also works to correct a lot of undesirable behaviors that some dogs seem to have.

Happiness and mental stimulation are great for your dog’s health and wellbeing!

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