Dog Illness Diagnosis – Quick Reference Guide to Natural Pet Remedies

Dog Illness Diagnosis – Dog Symptoms Diagnosis


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No, we are NOT recommending that you attempt a dog illness diagnosis yourself, even if you believe that a dog symptoms diagnosis is possible for your dog.  If your dog is sick, then figuring out sick dog remedies by yourself may not be the most sensible idea. Dog diseases of all types frequently need the specialist attention of your vet.

Once you have the dog illness diagnosis from your vet and have discussed the issue with your vet, then by all means, come here and look down the list of dog symptoms and natural pet remedies and see what you can find to help. Or click here for a complete list of natural pet remedies available that may assist in treating your dog’s symptoms.

And if you’re wanting to prevent certain illnesses in the first place, then check out the following as well!



Natural Remedies for Your Dog

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– Quick Alphabetical Reference Guide to What’s Available for Various Dog Health Diagnoses:

Alzheimer’s Remedy for your Older Dog:


  • To boost concentration, memory and mental alertness
  • To improve resistance against premature aging
  • To prevent and treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and memory related conditions in the elderly pet


Asthma Remedy for Pets:

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of pet asthma attacks
  • Improve respiratory functioning
  • Reduce allergic reactions in pets
  • Reduce respiratory problems and asthma linked to stress and anxiety
  • Relax bronchioles and prevent bronchospasm

Specially formulated for both dogs and cats

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Pet Asthma Remedy

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  • Help in the prevention and treatment of cancer, with demonstrated anti-tumor properties
  • Slow down the spread of cancer cells to surrounding tissue
  • Improve compromised immune systems
  • Accelerate healing and relieve fatigue
  • Strengthen the lymphatic system to improve toxin build-up and promote waste elimination
  • Improve liver functioning for optimum health


Constipation Remedy for Your Pets:

  • To treat chronic and acute constipation effectively and naturally
  • To keep your pet regular
  • To maintain bowel and digestive health
  • Regulate thyroid levels and reduce high cholesterol
  • Keep skin and bones healthy and strong
Specially formulated for both dogs and cats


Cushings Disease Remedy for Pets:


  • Support the health of your pet’s adrenal glands and encourage normal functioning
  • Help reduce circulating levels of corticosteroids
  • Encourage health of coat and prevent hair loss
  • Balance blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Reduce excessive thirst and urination
  • Promote optimal strength and health of the skin
  • Improve digestive functioning

Specially formulated for both dogs and cats

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Diabetes Remedy for Dogs and Cats:


  • As a regular supplement for pets with Type 1 and Type 11 diabetes
  • To control and balance blood sugar levels and improve insulin production and bio-availability
  • To reduce high cholesterol
  • To boost immune functioning and protect against disease
  • To assist in the treatment of diabetes-related conditions like circulation problems and eye disease
  • To promote wound healing
  • To increase energy levels and reduce fatigue
Specially formulated for both dogs and cats

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Digestive Support for Dogs and Cats:

  • Improve digestive functioning
  • Reduce inflammation and excess mucus discharge
  • Relieve and treat the painful symptoms of stomach ulcers
  • Reduce vomiting caused by illness, stress and digestive disorders
  • Detox the digestive system
  • Soothe gastric mucus membranes and inflammation
  • Improve energy and general well being and protect against infection
  • Relieve symptoms of gastritis, esophagitis, IBS, colitis, enteritis, bloating and other chronic digestive disorders
  • Assist in recovery after gastritis and other acute digestive conditions
Specially formulated for both dogs and cats


Distemper Remedy for Companion Animals:

  • As an oral homeopathic vaccine to immunize your dog against Canine Distemper and other viral infections
  • To protect against Distemper infection during a known outbreak
  • To treat active Canine Distemper under veterinarian supervision
Specially formulated for both dogs and cats

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  • Naturally relieve unpleasant symptoms of flatulence and gas in pets
  • Reduce bloating, abdominal cramps and colic
  • Maintain digestive health and help with the symptoms of digestive disorders, including diarrhea and constipation
  • Naturally prevent fleas
  • Naturally treat fleas and their eggs
  • Treat your carpet and other areas of your home as well as your dog – without harmful chemicals

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Grief and Pining Remedy for Pets:

  • For the natural treatment of depression in pets
  • To restore stable mood and feelings of well being
  • To promote feelings of security and reduce anxiety
  • For the relief and prevention of pining and homesickness during a visit to kennels or when owner is away
  • For the treatment of grief and mourning associated with recent loss and separation.

Heart Disease Prevention and Treatment for Dogs:

  • Regulates heartbeat and protects heart from calcium overload
  • Treats all types of heart disease – enlarged heart, heart murmur, dilated cardiomyopathy, heart failure

Heart Worm Treatment and Prevention:

  • If your dog already has heartworm, you need to take quick action to save your dog’s life, and you don’t want the rely on your vet’s toxic treatment if you can help it
  • Herbal heartworm treatment and prevention system will treat your dog much more gently than with toxic chemicals most vets recommend (and don’t guarantee will work)
  • If your dog has been given a life sentence by your vet, you have nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain
  • If you live in a high risk heartworm area, don’t take any chances – use herbs to prevent heartworm

Immune System Booster for Companion Animals:

  • Prevent disease of all types by boosting your dog’s immune system
  • Many chronic diseases result from immune system dysfunction
  • Compromise of the immune system can result in allergies, infections, diabetes, hypothyroidism, mange, parasites, cancer, and many more
  • Immune system optimization can be done with transfer factor molecules – they re-educate the immune system!
Specially formulated for both dogs and cats

Kennel Cough Prevention and Treatment:

  • In the treatment of acute Kennel Cough and other respiratory infections in pets
  • As an oral natural vaccine to immunize your pet against Kennel Cough and other viral respiratory infections
  • As a preventative just before a visit to the vet, to kennels or a cattery to protect against infection
Specially formulated for both dogs and cats

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Liver remedy

Liver Support for Your Pet:

  • As a blood purifier and system cleanser
  • To improve and stimulate liver functioning and prevent liver disease
  • To eliminate toxins and strengthen systemic resistance against disease and infection
  • To assist with the flow of bile and promote gall bladder health
  • To improve the health and functioning of the pancreas – especially in the case of diabetic animals
  • As an essential tonic for animals with liver, gall bladder and pancreatic conditions
Specially formulated for both dogs and cats

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AND – if your dog is already showing any signs of liver disease, you need to heal your dog with correct diet and other specific supplements – click here for the
Heal Liver Disease ebook which may save your dog’s life!


Lyme Disease in Dogs and Cats:

  • In the treatment of acute Lyme Disease or other tick borne diseases in pets
  • See below for recommendations for the continued natural treatment of chronic Lyme Disease and tick-borne illnesses
  • TF-Defense may be used on its own, or along with conventional veterinarian treatment


Motion Sickness Remedy (see Travel Sickness Remedy below).

To help with Agility Problems  –

Performance Tonic (for show dogs):

  • To boost concentration, memory and mental alertness
  • To improve your pet’s performance in shows and competitions
  • As a concentration aid for animals attending training classes
  • To help your pet cope with stress and anxiety
  • Give your pet the competitive edge and ensure high performance levels!

tick remedy
Tick Bite Remedy (see Lyme Disease Remedy above):

Travel Sickness Remedy for Pets:

  • To prevent and treat all the major symptoms of travel and motion sickness in pets
  • To relieve nausea and dribbling while traveling in the car
  • To relax anxious pets while traveling
  • To calm your pet and prevent digestive upset during air travel

Urinary Tract Infection in Pets – Remedy:

  • Naturally treat the symptoms of UTI infections in pets
  • Maintain urinary tract and bladder health
  • Prevent recurring infections

Worm Prevention and Treatment:

  • Expel internal parasites like heartworm, roundworm and tape worm
  • Restore digestive health after parasitic infection
  • Calm and soothe the digestive system
  • Reduce parasite-related problems like restlessness and malnutrition
  • Cleanse and detox the digestive system and improve digestive functioning
  • Reduce the symptoms of flatulence, nausea and bloating
  • Protect against bacterial infection
  • Reduce yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract
  • Act as a tonic for the entire digestive system
Specially formulated for both dogs and cats
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Worm Prevention and Treatment Remedy


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